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  • June Triad SBS Group Meeting

    Posted on May 28th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    Our Next Meeting is
     June 2, 2009 Regular Time 6:00pm
    Last meeting was May 5, 2009

    We will have Terry Van Winkle of StorageCraft and Calyptix fame coming in to tell us about a brand new offering. Here is a small description in his words.

    Doyenz Automated Virtual IT™ is sold exclusively through partners. The Doyenz service gives you the ability to provide no-touch off-site disaster recovery, failover and runs in the cloud.

    With Doyenz Automated Virtual IT, partners can perform major migrations and upgrades safely, in the cloud, using our Virtual Test Lab, or ‘virtual sandbox’ that allows you to test key changes like a SBS2003 to SBS2008 migration, or a line of business application Upgrade. It is a flexible service that requires no expensive hardware or software licenses, Doyenz can be a monthly or annual subscription that provides your client’s true business continuity at price they can easily afford.

    I stopped by the Doyenz booth at SMB Nation Spring and it is some really interesting technology, I can’t wait to see Terry’s demo.

    Doyenz has offered to buy your Din Din so you are going to need to send me an e-mail no later than noon on Tuesday the 2nd letting me know you are going to be attending and what you would like to eat & drink (no alcohol) from THIS MENU. I will contact Milano’s and place the order to be delivered at 6:00pm

    And then coming up on July 7, 2009 (tentatively) Daniel Horne from the Charlotte-Meck Police Dept. will be coming to speak with us on tech crime issues that we may run into as IT Professionals and how to handle them to protect ourselves.  Are you aware that if we know about crimes being performed on a PC and don’t report them correctly we can be charged with a crime as well…  Knowing how to handle a “questionable” situation becomes most important according to the crime. He will speak to us and take a Q&A to help us be better prepared for items we are subjected to.

    7019 Albert Pick Road Suite B Greensboro, NC 27409

  • Urgent News from GFI reguarding Mail Security 10

    Posted on May 28th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    GFI Logo



    Dear GFI Partner,

    The purpose of this communication is to inform you of an issue that may affect GFI MailSecurity 10 customers. Please read it with care as this could affect your customers’ ability to receive emails!

    The issue is related to the optional AVG anti-virus engine: If the AVG engine is not updated before June 16, 2009, this anti-virus engine will not initialize, with the result that ALL emails will end up in the GFI FailedEmail folder and will not be delivered to end-users. There will be no data loss. This issue can also affect customers who did not purchase AVG.

    Point How customers should check if they are affected:

    To check whether this issue affects them, customers are to start by checking if the AVG engine is enabled: Go to the GFI MailSecurity configuration > Virus Scanning Engines > AVG Anti-Virus > General tab. If the ‘Enable Gateway Scanning (SMTP)’ option or the ‘Enable Information Store Scanning (VSAPI)’ option is checked then the AVG engine is enabled.

    The next step is to confirm the ‘Virus database release date’: Go to the GFI MailSecurity configuration > Virus Scanning engines > AVG Anti-Virus > General tab.

    If the AVG virus database release date is more recent than, or equal to ‘2009/05/18 06:28’ then they are not affected.

    Point What should they do if they are affected?

    If their AVG engine is enabled and the ‘Virus database release date’ is prior to ‘2009/05/18 06:28’, they are to follow the important instructions outlined below as soon as possible:


    If they have purchased AVG updates, and the AVG virus scanning engine is licensed, they should download the latest AVG update from the ‘GFI update’ servers. This can be initiated from the ‘Updates’ tab in the ‘AVG Anti-Virus’ node within the GFI MailSecurity configuration.


    If they have not purchased AVG updates and/or are not on valid maintenance, the AVG engine must be disabled immediately; this can be done by following the instructions below:



    Go to the GFI MailSecurity configuration > Virus Scanning Engines > AVG Anti-Virus > General tab.


    Uncheck the ‘Enable Gateway Scanning (SMTP)’ option. If they are running GFI MailSecurity on a Microsoft Exchange server, they also need to uncheck the ‘Enable Information Store Scanning (VSAPI)’ option.



    Alternatively they can upgrade to the GFI MailSecurity Service Release 9 Build 20090526, which includes updated files, and is therefore not affected by the problem described above. The latest version of GFI MailSecurity can be downloaded from or based on the need for 32bit or 64bit respectively.


    A final option is for current GFI MailSecurity 10 customers who are not using AVG to purchase the AVG engine: as a special promotion to counter the inconvenience of having to check for this issue, we are offering 50% off the price of the AVG engine and updates; this offer runs till June 16, 2009. Contact your Channel Account Manager for more details. For further information on the value of using multiple virus engines, read the white paper here.

    For more details about the issue affecting the optional AVG engine please refer to this knowledge base article.

    If you have any queries, please speak to GFI Technical Support using the live support chat on our website or contact Technical Support.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and assure you that we have taken the necessary measures to ensure this does not happen again.

    The GFI Software team

    GFI Logo

    GFI Software
    email: | url:

    © 2009. GFI Software. All rights reserved.

    Magna House, 18-32 London Road, Staines, Middlesex TW18 4BP, UK
    tel: +44 (0) 870 770 5370 | fax: +44 (0) 870 770 5377

  • Win 7 Beta Reminder, update to RC now

    Posted on May 26th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

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    Microsoft Windows



    Windows 7



    Thanks again for your help in testing the Windows 7 Beta.

    We’re sending this mail to remind you that Windows 7 Release candidate is available and to make sure you plan ahead for when the Beta expires on August 1, 2009. On June 1, 2009, the PC you’re using to test the Beta will begin shutting down every two hours. Windows will send you a notice a couple of weeks in advance, and that’d be the ideal time to rebuild your test PC with a non-expired version of Windows, such as the RC or Windows Vista. This will be a clean installation, so be ready to reinstall your programs and data. (Learn more about installing Windows.)

    So, if you haven’t already done so, we highly recommend that you download and install the RC from one of the following sites today:


    IT Pros/Microsoft Partners

    Tech Enthusiasts/Consumers

    IMPORTANT: If you are running Windows 7 Beta you’ll need to back up your data (preferably on an external device) and then do a clean install of the Windows 7 Release Candidate. After installing Windows 7, you will need to reinstall applications and restore your files. If you need help with the installation process, please see the Installation Instructions.

    If you have questions or need help installing the RC, you can get help with your Windows 7 questions at

    There’s another expiration date you need to keep in mind: Windows 7 RC will expire on June 1, 2010, and you’ll need to either upgrade to the final release of Windows 7 or a prior version of Windows before then. (We‘ll send you another reminder as this date approaches.)

    Thanks again for your interest in Windows 7 and for your help in finishing this product!




    Download Page




    Installation Instructions








    Windows 7 Forum




    Get Windows Live


    You are receiving this important message about Windows 7 because you downloaded the Beta or RC from either TechNet, MSDN or the Windows web site.

    Microsoft respects your privacy. Please read our online Privacy Statement.

    Microsoft Corporation
    One Microsoft Way
    Redmond, Washington, USA


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    © 2009 Microsoft Corporation Terms of Use | Trademarks | Privacy Statement


    Web Bug from


  • Free personal backup software from GFI

    Posted on May 23rd, 2009 HandyAndy 1 comment


    Many people do not realize how important it is to keep an updated backup of all their important files on their computer and neither do they use appropriate tools to do so. As part of GFI’s We Care initiative, and to give home users a helping hand as well as encourage them to start backing up their files, GFI is giving away GFI Backup 2009 – Home Edition, a FREE backup and recovery software product for the home user. A version for SMBs will be available later this year.

    More information and a link to download the FREE backup software can be found here.

  • MS Exchange and Archiving Compliance – Strategies Webinar

    Posted on May 14th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    GFI Logo



    Thursday, May 21, 2009
    1:00PM EST/10:00AM PST

    Webinar Duration:
    1 Hour


    Lee Benjamin
    Microsoft MVP Advisor
    Exchange Guy Consulting

    Kevin Hodak
    Senior Engineer
    GFI Software

    Bruce Naylor
    Frugal Brothers Software

    Microsoft Exchange and Archiving Compliance – Strategies to Protect Your Business

    Point Do You Know What Regulations Affect Your Business for Archiving Retention Policies?

    What is the formula for a successful email archiving strategy – one to help ensure that your company meets the requirements of various laws and regulations, such as HIPAA, SOX and many others?

    We’ll answer this and more in this complimentary webinar.

    Point What’s On the Table in FY’09?

    Lee Benjamin, Microsoft MVP and Exchange Guru explains the pitfalls of current archiving methods and will help guide you through what you need to know and implement to avoid serious penalties and headaches in 2009.

    Point Current Methods of Backup are Not Enough to Keep You Compliant.

    Kevin Hodak from GFI Software and Bruce Naylor of Frugal Brothers discuss best practices and documented case studies of what a successful email archiving policy should entail.

    Point Discussion Topics:


    Email Compliance Regulations Overview


    Challenges Businesses Face with New Regulations


    Best Practices for Email Retention and Archiving Policies


    Register Here

    For questions about this informative discussion, please contact: Anne Murphy –

    GFI Logo

    GFI Software
    email: | url:

    © 2009. GFI Software. All rights reserved.

    15300 Weston Parkway, Suite 104, Cary, NC 27513, USA
    tel: +1 (888) 243-4329 | fax: +1 (919) 379-3402

  • Free is Good, Thx Eric

    Posted on May 14th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    Found on Eric Ligman’s Blog

    Yes, this offer is true and available to Microsoft Small Business Specialists right now. Microsoft is offering a total of 1,000 free exam vouchers to our Microsoft Small Business Specialists and these vouchers are good for the following eligible exams:

    • 70-653 TS: Windows Small Business Server 2008, Configuring
    • 70-654 TS: Windows Essential Business Server 2008, Configuring
    • 70-236: TS: Exchange Server 2007, Configuring
    • 70-432: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Installation and Maintenance
    • 70-630: TS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Configuring
    • 70-403 TS: System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Configuring

    Requests for free vouchers must be received by May 30th, 2009, assuming the 1,000 quantity lasts that long, so be sure to request yours right away if you are planning to or want to take one of the exams listed above.

    How do you request your free exam voucher? As a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, you recently received your Microsoft Small Business Specialist Action Pack Add-on kit. Inside that kit is all of the details, so take a look inside there and you will see the full details on how you can get your free exam voucher.

  • First Bug Found in Win7 RC

    Posted on May 9th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments
    First Bug Found

    First Bug Found

    If you read my earlier article about Installing Windows 7 RC and got motivated and installed it, read Ed’d Article on the first bug found in the RC and the need to patch it quickly before you install anything else.

    Direct link to KB

  • Aaron catches up with HA at SMB Nation Spring 2009

    Posted on May 6th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    Aaron from VARvid had a good time gathering video clips of folks at the SMB Nation Spring 2009 conference. He even managed to grab a quick interview with yours truly :>)

    You can see his ORIGINAL POST on his site

    Ok before y’all jump on me, yes I know it was not called SBS back then. It was called “Microsoft Back Office Small Business Server” but I have to tell you, when that 120mm camera lens is starring ya in the face, your mind goes blank. This explains why guys standing infront of a firing squad, when asked if they have any last request always ask for something stupid like a cigarette or a blindfold. If they were thinking straight, they would ask for a 1/2 inch thick steel plate :>)

  • tSBSg Win7 Demo

    Posted on May 5th, 2009 HandyAndy 1 comment

    OK Gang,

    We are sitting here in the Triad SBS Group Meeting doing the Windows 7 RC install from a USB Flash Stick and you guys want the steps to prepare the USB Drive.
    So here they are so you can find them
    The steps for preparing the USB Flash Stick.

    Open a Command Prompt (as administrator)

    Run the following commands one at a time

    1. Diskpart
    2. List Disk
    3. Select Disk 1 (Replace 1 with number reflecting your USB Drive)
    4. clean
    5. create partition primary
    6. active
    7. format fs=fat32 quick
    8. assign
    9. exit

    Now, a drive letter reflecting the drive should appear.
    Copy the bits from the DVD to the USB Stick.
    If you get errors along the way,
    simply remove the drive and repeat the process.

    If you don’t have a DVD Drive or don’t want to go to the trouble of burning one from the Windows 7 RC ISO you downloaded you can always grab a copy of MagicISO or ISO Buster

    Update, these steps will also work with the RTM code

  • The Elevator Speech Perfected

    Posted on May 5th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    At SMB Nation’s Spring conference this year, Aaron Booker from VARvid was trying to capture folks off guard to get some spontaneous comments. Watch as he tries to catch Patti of SMB Nation in the elevator and how she hits one over the wall with 3 short sentenances. Way to go Patti, a perfect close.  Harry this gal deserves a raise!  The rest of you go pratice your elevator speech, you never know when or where Aaron may pop up next :>)

    Original Post