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  • tSBSg Win7 Demo

    Posted on May 5th, 2009 HandyAndy 1 comment

    OK Gang,

    We are sitting here in the Triad SBS Group Meeting doing the Windows 7 RC install from a USB Flash Stick and you guys want the steps to prepare the USB Drive.
    So here they are so you can find them
    The steps for preparing the USB Flash Stick.

    Open a Command Prompt (as administrator)

    Run the following commands one at a time

    1. Diskpart
    2. List Disk
    3. Select Disk 1 (Replace 1 with number reflecting your USB Drive)
    4. clean
    5. create partition primary
    6. active
    7. format fs=fat32 quick
    8. assign
    9. exit

    Now, a drive letter reflecting the drive should appear.
    Copy the bits from the DVD to the USB Stick.
    If you get errors along the way,
    simply remove the drive and repeat the process.

    If you don’t have a DVD Drive or don’t want to go to the trouble of burning one from the Windows 7 RC ISO you downloaded you can always grab a copy of MagicISO or ISO Buster

    Update, these steps will also work with the RTM code

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