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  • Aaron catches up with HA at SMB Nation Spring 2009

    Posted on May 6th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    Aaron from VARvid had a good time gathering video clips of folks at the SMB Nation Spring 2009 conference. He even managed to grab a quick interview with yours truly :>)

    You can see his ORIGINAL POST on his site

    Ok before y’all jump on me, yes I know¬†it was not called SBS back then. It was called “Microsoft Back Office Small Business Server” but I have to tell you, when that 120mm camera lens is starring ya in the face, your mind goes blank. This explains why guys standing infront of a firing squad, when asked if they have any last request always ask for something stupid like a cigarette or a blindfold. If they were thinking straight, they would ask for a 1/2 inch thick steel plate :>)