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  • Because you can, does not mean you should

    Posted on October 31st, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    Eric Ligman does a very good job of explaining upgrade rights once again. Please remember because you can do something does not mean you should do it, or even that you are allowed to do it. Think about what you are proposing to do and don;t put your clients at risk by installing illeagal software just becasue you know how!

  • HA needs a hand

    Posted on October 17th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    Hi Gang,


    This is a completely backwards from my normal posts.

    I am almost always offering help for some issue or pointing out some cool new tool.

    So let me give this a try, please pardon the intrusion.


    As you may have heard Kathy and I have started a new business venture.
    One of the many facets of this new business is a web shopping portal.
    I know that over the next few months many of you will be doing some of your holiday shopping online.

    So our request of you is to please help us get started in this new venture by shopping through our portal.
    It will allow you to do comparison shop and starting in Nov will be giving you a 2% Rewards bonus on most of what you purchase.
    You will even be able to get a 0.5% Rewards bonus for qualifying purchases of people you recommended to the portal.
    Going through the portal will not cost you any more than shopping directly at the stores websites,
    and may even save you some money through special deals and of course you can use any coupons you may have as well.

    Besides 2500+ branded products we also have 3000+ partner stores, yes even NewEgg and CafePress are partners.


    Kathy and I would be very grateful if you would at least give it a try.
    We would also be interested in any direct feedback from your shopping experience.
    Use for any direct feedback.


    The portal supports shopping from most countries already and does the currency conversion for you.
    More countries are being added all the time, if your country is not supported yet, let me know and I will ping you when it is.


    If you are curious about the many other facets of the business I would love to discuss it with you one to one.

    Ping me at


    To sign up to use the portal go to it is a very short form.
    Once you have registered you can go directly to the site at


    Thank You So Much for Considering to Help Us Launch this new Venture,