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  • Please Help Fix A Possible Oversight

    Posted on March 25th, 2012 HandyAndy No comments

    I am sure by now you are sick of reading the vote for me pleas coming from all your friends. Please take a moment to finish reading this note; it is not one of those requests.

    There are about 10 days left for this 2012 SMB 150 Awards competition and it seems some folks who are very deserving are being ignored. I am not asking you to vote for anyone in particular, but please if you feel someone is influential in our space, cast a vote for them. You can vote everyday if you wish and you can vote for as many people every day as you like. But please vote!

    It is very easy, go to near the top right you will see a search box, enter the name of the person you would like to vote for and click the little GO button, then click the button right above their name that says Vote. That is all there is to it, please help recognize those folks who are so deserving and yet being ignored.

    Think about the folks you look to for advice and make sure they are being recognised, whether it is their job or they are doing it out of passion or both, if they are influencing your actions, your purchases or your ethics please take a few moments and recognise them for their efforts.

    The good news is voting ends April 6th, if they do this again hopefully they will make the voting window somewhat shorter next time!