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  • Jim Locke Remembered

    Posted on August 20th, 2011 HandyAndy No comments

    Jim was a good friend and one of the pioneers of our community. I will deeply miss him and wish only the best to his family.

    Jim Locke

    Jim's unforgetable smile

    A lot of you have been reaching out to ask what you can do to remember Jim  in his passing. Let me share this note I received from SMBTN with that info for you.

    Hi Andy,

    I first want to thank you for all your involvements toward Jim Locke and the community.  This was a tragedy for all us that new Jim and especially for his family.

    We have continued to receive many calls, emails, IM’s etc. from the community as they express their condolences and also ask how they can help or contribute.

    We have created a single page to keep the community up-to-date.  Also within this page are 3 key items:

    1. Information on Jim’s Services.  Date and location
    2. A link for the ability for Jim’s friends to contribute toward his son’s (Brian) college fund
    3. A link for the ability for Jim’s friends to Post on Jim’s Facebook page where the family is reading them.


    I would truly appreciate your help to broadcast this link on behalf of Jim’s memory.

    Thanks to each of you.


    Dave Seibert 

    SMB Technology Network, Executive Vice President

  • SMB Nation What Does Your Inner Geek Need

    Posted on August 11th, 2011 HandyAndy 1 comment

    After the last SMB Nation I sat in on the town hall meeting. The overwhelming request was for more technical content.

    Well here is your chance to help shape the upcoming SMB Nation Fall Conference. Harry has left 5 slots open for us to to tell him what we want to see. He has put up a SURVEY to gather our (ours and mine) input and then he will go out and find people to present just what you want top hear.

    Please take 3 minutes and fill out the short survey it will help shape the conference to be just what you want!

    Please pay particular attention to the last question, this is were you can have the most influence!