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  • Amazon lives up to customer service promise

    Posted on May 20th, 2012 HandyAndy No comments

    Usually you read blog posts of how people are mistreated by vendors, but rarely do you hear when they do good. This morning in preparing for our trip to Mississippi to watch another granddaughter graduate I decided it was time to get a new GPS, mine is so old the updates will no longer fit on it. Anyways I shopped around on the web and as usual Amazon had the best price. So I set about ordering my new Garmin nüvi 2555LMT and when I clicked on the order it button a little pop up appeared saying order it within the next twenty something hours and you will get free one day shipping, so I did. Well when the site checked me out it charged me the 18.98 shipping charge. When I received the email confirmation, I sent a note to Amazon customer service using their contact us email link and within 30 minutes (and on a Sunday yet) I had a response saying they were very sorry and the charge was being removed. I just wanted to take this moment and say Kudos Amazon way to handle customer service! Keep up the good work.

  • TRUSTED IDENTITY Faith in a Technology World

    Posted on May 7th, 2012 HandyAndy No comments
     Just got this note from Jeff and thought I would share with y’allAn invitation from Jeff Middleton, Founder and host of IT Pro Conference 2012.

    Our conference is a month away, and last week we announce the blend of 17 MVPs plus 6 respected technology experts who are the speaker for the conference. These are people you likely have met online or heard of, and now you have a chance to spend the weekend in one on one discussions with them. The sessions are now listed here: View Session Outlines and Presenters

    In addition to the sessions on the website, we will have breakout presentations by BackupAssist as well as StorageCraft to highlight two of the leading products for backup and disaster recovery. Our own presentation team will provide demo’s and session content on:

    • Win8 Server Improved Manageability
    • Understanding the VDI Desktop Opportunity
    • How Your Secure WiFi and Wireless is Easily Hacked
    • The Security Exposure of Using Social Media

    Please take a moment, scroll down to see the outstanding speaker list, and what we are offering for Pre-Day content and full conference opportunity. The 2-day conference plus a pre-day deep dive are a great investment in knowing what’s new in technology and growing concerns about privacy and identity protection.

    As a reminder, we provide outstanding food, parties, and technical content for the duration…all included in the registration pricing.

    Please also take this as a personal invitation from me to you to join us, I would be delighted for you to take part in our great event.

    Best regards,

    Jeff Middleton

    For your quick reference, here’s the speakers line-up this year:

    Recognition Name State/Country
    Security MVP Dana Epp Canada
    SBS-MVP Susan Bradley CA, US
    SBS-MVP Amy Babinchak MI, US
    Security/Technologist Lawrence Teo NC, US
    Security Trainer Jay Ferron FL, US
    SBS-MVP Cal McLennan Canada
    SBS-MVP Jeff Middleton LA, US
    SBS-MVP Cliff Galiher MT, US
    Third Tier (Support) Jeremy Anderson CA, US
    SBS-MVP Marina Roos Netherlands
    SBS-MVP Dave Nickason NY, US
    SBS-MVP Kevin Royalty OH, US
    SBS-MVP Eriq Neale TX, US
    WHS-MVP Grey Lancaster NC, US
    Third Tier (Support) Brian Higgins MI, US
    Exchange MVP Dave Shackelford WA, US
    SBS-MVP Larry Struckmeyer FL, US
    SBS-MVP Tero Leskinen Finland
    IT Pro Expert-MVP Mitch Garvis Canada
    SBSC Advisory Karl Palachuk CA, US
    SBS-MVP Jason Miller Canada
    Security/Legal Ben Yarbrough NC, US
    IT Pro Expert-MVP Jessica DeVita CA, US
    SBS-MVP              Andy Goodman              NC, US
    Pre-Day Content to keep in mind:We have a Pre-Day by Third Day Brain Explosion (Thursday June 7) which includes:

    • IPv6 Right Now Presented – by Cliff Galiher
    • Active Directory Management Presented – by Brian Higgins
    • Exchange 2010 Compliance and Archiving Presented – by David Shackelford
    • Managing Data Encryption Presented – by Jeremy Anderson

    Our main conference (Fri/Sat June 8-9):

      TRUSTED IDENTITY: Faith in a Technology World
    • Who are you and why would I believe it?
    • Why should I trust you electronically, ethically, or in reality?
          View Session Outlines and Presenters
        Register Now!        Read Jeff’s Welcome Summary
    • Attendee 2-Day $495, or 9-Day $595 (plus cruise fare & lodging)
    • Guest 2-Day $195, or 9-Day $295 (plus cruise fare & lodging)
      June 7-17, 2012 are the events dates for pre-day, weekend conference and cruise.