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  • SMB Nation East Breaks All Previous Records

    Posted on May 4th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    Well gang I just got back from attending SMB Nation East and I have to tell you, Harry belted one out of the park this year. In spite of the bad economy and the swine flu outbreak, official attendance was 310 beating every other year’s numbers. It was real obvious Harry was listening to the comments from the last couple of events where folks were calling the gatherings vendor fests, not this time! This was pure content, the speakers were not even allowed to make a small pitch or offer anything for sale during their presentations. Maybe the pendulum swung a little too far, but the audience was delighted. Pure academic content, and what better place to acquire it than in a college hall :>)

    I spent a good deal of time scooting around the show floor and the halls and everyone was making positive comments. About the only negatives I heard were about the conference being split between floors and a minor mix up with lunch being a few minutes late one day.

    I am betting after this showing that the Fall Conference in Las Vegas breaks records as well; I think he could see his first 1000+ conference between the word of mouth after this one and the venue for the next one, smart money is on Harry to break the 4 digit barrior.

    Keep up the Great Work Harry and Kudos to the Staff they did an outstanding job.