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  • Win7 XP Mode with Domain Credentials

    Posted on June 28th, 2009 HandyAndy 2 comments

    My friend Grey Lancaster one of the original SBS-MVP’s who has since moved on to WHS as their first MVP, sent me a link to this video on XP Mode and said everything he had seen used a local user account and he wanted to be able to use domain credentials, so I installed it on my Win7 RC box on my SBS 2008 network and dug into it.

    It turns out you can use domain credentials. Here are the steps I used.
    Open the settings for the XP VM and delete the cashed credentials.
    Start the XP Virtual Machine
    Right Click on My Computer and select Properties
    On the computer name tab, click the change button
    Join the computer to the domain and reboot it
    Now when it starts logon with DomainName\UserName

    You will find that even the folder redirection works if you had that enabled for your domain.
    And yes the integration features work also, although it took one more reboot before they showed up.

    I highly recommend you install and become familiar with XP Mode in Win7 it is a really cool feature!


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    • Andy – having a challenge getting the XPMode VPC to see/join the domain. I noticed the VPC is using a 192.186.x.x ‘virtual’ IP subnet which is not the same as the IP of the host Win7 system. Did you change this as well, to find the AD server and join/credential to the domain? I have tried the usual trickery including adding manual HOSTS file entries to no avail. Suggestions greatly appreciated…

      Bill C.

    • Stephen Barbarino

      Shut the XP Mode VPC down using the start -> Run -> shutdown -s command

      Open the Virtual PC Console and under the XP Mode VPC open up settings. Change the network adapter from NAT to your LAN Adapter. This should solve your IP Issue.

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