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  • GFI Launches Talk Tech To Me Blog

    Posted on June 15th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    Talk Tech To Me

    Today GFI Software launched a new blog as part of their ongoing makeover. This will allow them a more timely interface to get relevant information to partners, potential partners as well as end users.

    Just click on the picture above to hop on over to the new blog and check it out.

    Once you get there don’t forget to add  it to your RSS Feeds

    For those of you who can’t get enough of social networking, here are a few other GFI links





    The Talk Tech To Me Blog is actually made up of a few different blogs, here is a little rundown I just got from the good folks at GFI;

    Talk Tech To Me comprises various blogs including the Tech Zone, SMB Zone, GFI Fixes IT, GFI World and CEO Central, all with their individual content. Our target audience for the entire blogging area is IT pros and network & system admins – our content will therefore be of interest to our customers, prospective customers, partners and the community in which we operate.

    The Tech Zone ( will be the hub for all things technical, where one can find tips and advice about software, the latest technical news, security issues and more. It is a key area of our blogging zone, which will showcase our technical knowledge to the world. The Tech Zone will be driven by contributions and submissions from our Engineering, QM and Product Management teams.

    The SMB Zone offers IT-focused articles that deal with issues faced by small and medium-size businesses.

    The other sections of the blog, CEO Central, GFI Fixes it and GFI World announce the latest news and developments from GFI including updates from Walter, interesting company news and milestones, company activities, as well as the most commonly received support questions. We also plan to showcase a number of videos which we’ve already rolled out and others which we or our IT/Sales tech teams are working on.

    While members of the Marketing team (CCed) will manage, update and promote the blog, it will only be successful thanks to all the combined work from everyone involved, including IT, PM, Engineering, QM, HR, Support and all who are already contributing to this area and/or are interested in doing so.

    I look forward to seeing great things on this new collection of blogs at GFI

  • A Real Old Fashioned LoadFest for Win7

    Posted on June 15th, 2009 HandyAndy No comments

    Remember in the old days when they had a loadfest and you got to bring a machine in and actually load the software on it instead of watching a presenter do it all. Well thanks to Keith Combs’ and his team, they are doing exactly that for Windows7. If you lead a group get in touch with him and see about getting on his road map. I just put in a request for the Triad SBS Group. If you are not a group leader, make sure to let your group leader know about this. I am sure it will fill up fast.

    Thankx Keith!