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  • The Secret to Success your father never told you

    Posted on June 8th, 2009 HandyAndy 1 comment

    The Go-Giver a Great Read

    The Go-Giver a Great Read


    The other day my friend Mark Crall gave me a little red book, he said it was a gift with only two stipulations.

    1.       I had to promise to read it

    2.       I had to give it away when I was done reading it

    Well I never read anything but technical manuals and how to books, but I respect Mark’s opinions so I took it and agreed to the stipulations.

    This was a wonderful little book about business and life theory and I found myself thinking as I read it, this is how I live my life, until I got to the fifth law. Did I mention the book promised the five laws to the secret of success? That was where I completely broke the model. So I will go about adjusting my business/life model. But in the mean time I cannot recommend in strong enough terms that you go out and read this little book. I promise it will change your life, for the better.

    My hats off to Bob Burg and John David Mann, for taking the time to put these simple truths down in this little red book “The Go-Giver”.

    You can find it at

    And you can follow the movement on Bob & John’s Blog


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