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  • Storage Craft Shadow Protect IT Edition

    Posted on April 8th, 2009 iamhandyandy No comments

    Tonight I did a demo of Storage Craft Shadow Protect IT Edition 3.0 for my IT Pro Group, Triad SBS Group and they asked me to post the steps I followed during the demo. So for all of them and anyone else who may be interested here is what I did to image an SBS 2003 Premium with CRM SBE from a single processor Intel desktop class machine to a dual processor Intel Xeon server. This system had 6 partitions and was about 24 Gb of used disk space. I completed the entire process in a little over an hour enlarging all the partitions in the process. What follows are my notes to myself to do the demo.

    1. Make sure DSRM password is known!!
    2. Make sure drive lettering is known!!
    3. Make sure IP Addressing is know and which nic will be which!!
    4. Backup from live SBS (20 min) (did ya notice nothing is installed to the system)
    5. Mention issue with vpc and usb drives, recommend VM Ware for testing to avoid usb problems
    6. Restore 6 partitions and run HIR (20 min) (don’t forget, refresh volumes as you create partitions)
    7. Boot DSRM load Intel Inf’s & fix drive lettering on this pass (10 min)
    8. Make sure nics are connected to active hub/switch
    9. Boot Safe w/network (10 min) (will need to wait for network timeout)
    10. Check if nic drivers loaded (load if necessary) configure IP addresses and order (5 min)
    11. Final Boot (5 min)
    12. Rerun CEICW, check logs (5 min)

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