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  • Wanna only do that SBS migration once?

    Posted on April 1st, 2009 iamhandyandy No comments

    The SBS Team just posted some tips to help you make it through your SBS2003 to SBS2008 Migration painlessly. Hop on over to the SBS BLOG and read them before you get stung!

  • The Blog is Gone, Long Live the Blog

    Posted on April 1st, 2009 iamhandyandy No comments

    Well a couple of weeks ago the gods of bits and bytes decided to sacrifice my blog for some unknown reason.

    All attempts by mere mortals to restore or resurrect it from the ashes have failed.

    What you see here is a last ditch attempt to save some of the content from my NewsGator Aggregator thanks to a an idea from the Diva herself. So please be patient as I restore these pages one at a time without losing too much hopefully. And please excuse the dates being completely out of whack.

  • Recognition, Better Late Than Never

    Posted on April 1st, 2009 iamhandyandy No comments


    Xeox Alto
    Sometimes it takes a while for our contributions to be recognised, such is the case with my dear friend and second oldest client Carl Clement. Carl who was one of the forefathers of the computers we can’t live without today, is virtually unknown to the current generation of computer users, maybe even the last generation as well. Unknown that is until two days ago, when David Cassidy decided to set the record straight! Read his nice write-up in the Mercury News CLICK FOR ARTICLE

    Make sure to click the numbers under the photo to jump through the rest of them, use your mouse in Carl’s Honor!