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  • Seiko Labels from CRM?

    Posted on April 8th, 2009 iamhandyandy No comments

    One of the members of my group was looking for a way to print a label for a contact from CRM to his Seiko Smart Label Printer. I told him unfortunatley there was no single click button like in Outlook, even with the Outlook client loaded, the Smart Capture sees no data. I told him I had a work around and in putting together a small how to for him, it seemed like a good thing to share here and maybe someone will reply with a more elegant solution (are you out there Anne?).

    What we did was to create a Word mail merge document and save it. Then you highlight the contact you want a label for and open the saved merge doc and merge it and then hit the Seiko icon in Word to print the label I used this label which is close to the SPL-2RL we use.
    .I used this label

    Go through the steps for the first mail merge to labels and save it when it looks like this
    Click to enlarge

    Then when ever you need a label just highlight the contact in CRM and click Actions, Mail Merge, and New Document from Existing Document

    New from Existing Document
    and then click the Seiko icon in Word.

    Click to enlarge

    So like I said it is not the most elegant solution, but it does beat typing out each label.

    Maybe one of these days Seiko will give us a button like the one in Word.


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