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  • Can you do us all a favor please?

    Posted on June 13th, 2012 HandyAndy 2 comments

    Our friend Eric Ligman is up for annual review and it would be in all our best interest if you took a minute or two to complete the survey on his performance over the last year.

    PLEASE do not confuse his excellent job as messenger with the sometimes lousy or even absurd (death of SBSC comes to mind) messages he has to communicate. He is not the one making the absurd decisions and trashing our channel. He is just the conduit of information from the higher ups at Microsoft.  So if you value his ability to clearly communicate the rules and policies of Microsoft and his help demystifying the licensing mumbo jumbo, please take that into account as you evaluate his performance and not the fact you may not like the messages he is forced to deliver.

    Eric request to fill in the survey here

    Direct survey link here

    Thank You,


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    • Thank you very much, Andy, for sharing this with your readers. Yes, I would greatly appreciate all reviews from partners everywhere on my job performance, as their input and feedback is incredibly important to me and my performance.

      Thank you again for sharing this out!

      Eric Ligman
      Director of Partner Experience
      Microsoft Corporation

    • My pleasure Eric, I tried to post it to LinkedIn but it said I was too wordy so I had to fall back to the old faithful blog and just post a link the social sites :>)

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