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  • Clever attempt to infect diligent tax payers

    Posted on June 20th, 2011 HandyAndy 2 comments

    A few days ago (June 15th) was the deadline for estimated tax payments in the US.
    In this mornings e-mail is see this note supposedly from the the IRS

    Fortunately I had had a few cups of coffee already and did not panic but looked at the name of the report and saw it was an executable, and when hovering the mouse over the link for the report saw it did not point to anywhere at but some other strange address at dot info.

    And then just because I was curious about it I looked at the internet header and could clearly see it came from some kid at a school, probably bored in class and looking to cause some mischief.

    So please as always be diligent with your e-mail and think before just clicking, all the anti-spam and anti-virus software in the world cannot over power the control your clicker finger has to allow bad things into your computer.

    Please note this is not how the IRS will contact you if for some reason your payment bounces or is rejected for any reason. You will get a note in the US Postal Mail.


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