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  • Tame Gmail putting sent items in your Outlook Inbox

    Posted on December 19th, 2010 HandyAndy 2 comments

    If you use multiple devices to pop your Gmail and you find your sent items in your inbox, this is due to the way Gmail handles sent items. According to a post I found on this BB site  

    “Gmail webmail accounts do not have separate sent items and inbox folders. The Gmail account web page contains a Sent Mail link on the left side, but this is not a separate folder from the inbox.

    Email messages in Gmail are grouped into conversations, resulting in all sent email messages and replies from others appearing as a single email message entry in the inbox. Although this grouping allows easy reading and viewing on the Gmail web page, it results in copies of sent email messages arriving on the BlackBerry smartphone as new email messages when integrated with a BlackBerry Internet Service account.”

    So to work around this for your outlook client, create a rule in outlook that says when mail arrives from move to folder “Sent Items” this will keep the clutter out of your inbox. Of course if you really do need to send yourself a message, don’t forget to go get it back out of the Sent Items folder.

    Searching around with bingle I found many solutions, but none of them worked for my client’s setup, ultimately this workaround did the trick. Hopefully it will work for you as well.


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    • worked like a charm in Outlook 2003!

      for apple clients, i found a tut somewhere that said to create a gmail filter that archives all mail sent from myself and skips the inbox. I used :me in the from field in a new gmail filter and woala – works great.

    • Thank you, it works

      I added a condition in the rule : “Except the emails that are sent to me” to manage the case when i send emails to myself

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