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  • SBS 7 Install

    Posted on September 23rd, 2010 HandyAndy 3 comments

    Well first impression of the SBS 7 install is wow, it is quick. It took under 2 hours which was less time than it took to download it. So give it a try, it takes but a few minutes of your time, only two or three screens of info and it pretty much runs on autopiliot. You can get your own copy at the Connect Website

    Wow that was quick!

     More to follow later after I play with it a bit, and if you are in the Triad Area I will be showing some of the new features at the next meeting of the Triad SBS Group.


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    • OK, so a fast deploy to bare metal. How about an inplace upgrade? Can it upgrade an existing site on an existing box or do we have to do the “New Server 2 Step” as we endured on the 2003 –> 2008 Migration?

    • Hi Jonathan,
      The bad news is yes you have to do the “New Server 2 Step” I beleive this to be a direct result of CSS for SBS being based in Texas, the home of the 2 Step :>)

      Seriously it is due to Echange 2010 being part of SBSv7 and there is no way to inplace upgrade Exchange 2010. So once again we have no inplace upgrade path. But rest assured the documentation writers in Redmond are pounding away on their keyboards writing a white paper and Jeff Middleton is working madly on the new steps for his swing migration, which will be available at once it is finished.

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